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Another county town built on sales tax revenue is Vernon Hills, which also has no property tax. I don't hear officials there warning the sky is falling. At the same time the mayor was urging Gurnee residents to forgo using online shopping spots, she raised the specter of instituting a property tax for the village, noting more and more residents are using the ease of the internet for shopping. Gurnee and other towns receive a piddling of the 1 percent Illinois sales on online purchases. Considering that nearly all Big Box stores anchoring Gurnee shopping venues offer online shopping, it makes more sense to urge Illinois lawmakers to hike the online sales tax. Although if state lawmakers haven't been able to adopt a budget in 702 days, perhaps increasing the Internet sales tax might be a bit much to hope for. I have an inkling Gurnee residents like not having a property tax, even though the mayor every so many years brings up the threat of instituting one. That's a good way to lose citizen support at election time. But if Kovarik is worried about her chain retailers and the sales taxes they provide, she also is one of the lone voices in the wilderness alerting us to the impact online retailing is having on communities.

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