Some Basic Guidance On Choosing Important Elements For Online Fashion

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About 50 per cent of Mrs Clohesy’s sales were direct to online customers - the vast bulk through Instagram. The other 50 per cent was sold through wholesalers – many of whom were online – or face to face at shows and other events. Mrs Clohesy said many of her clientele were buying in the evenings or early in the morning, when children were not demanding their time. "They want to shop in their own time. They also find that these days if they don't like a product (they bought online) it's easier to return," she said. "They have to work during the day. Or they are looking after kids and know if they go downtown to shop things will go pear-shaped.” The business was nominated for a people’s choice award in the Online Retail Industry Awards. It was also nominated for best new business (five years or less) in the Bendigo Business Excellence Awards . Source: Australia Post, Inside Online Shopping.

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