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The Astrologers Who Try to Solve Murders Using Birth Charts

Halfway through my explanation of blogs like Mountain Misst's, she stops me. "As a scientist, there's absolutely no scientific evidence for astrology or astronomy, so that's not something I would give any credence to at all," she says. Is there any validity to the whole "Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini serial killers" thing, then? "Only if they could demonstrate that there is a strong statistical significant correlation between serial killers' star signs and their murders—and I suspect they can't do it," she continues. "They decide what their theories are and then they look at patterns that fit into their theories." In a way, Misst and McAnena agree on the view that astrology-based sleuthing isn't a science. Though some bloggers focus purely on the charts, Mountain Misst factors in perpetrator behavior too. As such, she's dubbed her practice "21st century forensic astrology." Throwing "forensic" in there makes it sound a bit more legit, but Misst is well aware that it wouldn't be an accepted form of criminal investigation. "Astrology is a belief system that's used as a tool to present my case," she says. "The [alleged perpetrators] can't sue me," she claims, "because it's not a factual science." At the end of my chat with McAnena, evidently a nonbeliever, I ask if she's gleaned a way (astrological or not) of preemptively "knowing" whether someone is likely to be a murderer. "If you take a group of serial killers, you might say that quite a lot of them are loners," she says. "If you were to turn that on its head and say, 'Are people who are loners likely to be serial killers?' No: Most of those people will probably go on not to do anything.

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